Medical Billing Service

You work hard for your money.  When it comes to medical billing, reconciliation management, and training on how to avoid missing revenue, there is no match to what MD Practice Solutions can do for you.

New Clients:

Experienced MD Practice Solutions staff will review your practice to determine predicted volumes and your individual needs.  Our billing fees are competitive, and vary depending on the expected billing volume and complexity of your practice.   Following assessment, you will be provided with an upfront quote for our billing services.

MD Practice Solutions billing services include submission and review of all billings before they are submitted to the payer.  When we find discrepancies, or have concerns about your billings that might compromise your ability to collect the full value for your clinical services, we will contact you and problem-solve so that you get what you have earned.  Skilled supervisors review all rejected, and pending invoices regularly, pursue resubmission, and follow the invoices until they are paid.  Quality assurance reviews are performed by billing experts regularly.  Our billing experts also oversee all our billing staff so you can be confident in our services.

For your convenience, we invoice monthly, and accept payment by credit card, cheque, or direct bank transfer.

Current Clients:

You will continue to receive excellent service you have come to expect from us.

A new feature for all our clients is our planned series of billing seminars.  These small group seminars will be hosted at our new location of 205 Fort Street, in a comfortable environment.  Each seminar will be customized for different specialties, and the seminars will cover common billing problems, areas of opportunity, address any changes in the rules of application and provide lots of time for questions and answers.    We have quietly run several of these billing seminars already with excellent feedback.   Billing seminars are a new perk offered to our clients!

Contact us today at 204-988-4860, or to set up a free evaluation of your billing practice and see if MD Practice Solutions of Manitoba is right for you: