EKG & Spirometry Sales/Service

EKG and/or Spirometry services can be added to your clinic.  In addition to being a convenience for your patients, these services can also provide additional streams of revenue to the clinic.

MD Practice Solutions can help you set up your EKG and/or Spirometry equipment.   We will determine the best clinical space, or mobile scenario that makes sense for your clinic.  We can help you with setup, staff training, finding and organizing an EKG reading physician (required in order to bill for the technical EKG fees), quality assurance of the spirometry equipment, and billing for technical fee recovery.

We represent the most popular Welch-Allyn line of EKGs and will quote you a fair price for your desired equipment.  As a value added service, we also offer a financing and service options.

Our local IT staff are available to problem-solve if any issues that may arise with your machine.    For greater convenience, we can also connect the EKG & Spirometry reading software and equipment directly to your Accuro EMR.