EMR Hosting & Support

Hosting Accuro EMR

  • MD Practice Solutions is the exclusive Alternate Service Provider (ASP) for Accuro Electronic Medical Record Software in Manitoba.   This means that we host your EMR on our server so your data is stored in a safe environment and can be accessed by you whenever it is needed.
  • With a significant capacity server located locally, power outage contingencies, and redundant back-ups, we provide you with a confident solution to access and store your EMR and medical records.
  • If you have difficulty with your Accuro EMR access, we are the first to take your call and problem solve for you.  If we cannot solve the problem, we will work directly with the EMR Company (QHR) to fix the problem.

EMR Transition Support

  • If you currently have an EMR that is not Accuro, and wish to switch to Accuro, we can help ease the transition for you.  We are familiar with the process to transfer records between EMRs and can ensure that training on the new EMR occurs in a timely way.
  • If you are currently using paper medical records, and wish to convert to Accuro EMR, we can help!  We are experienced with converting paper charts to digital records and will coach you through the process, and prepare for a smooth transition.

EMR Backup

  • We provide an EMR and server backup solution that is local, secure, and offers a redundant backup to ensure that your data is kept in a safe environment and can be accessed by you whenever it is needed.
  • We can automate your backup so you can be confident that your EMR, and server data are always secure and up to date in the back-up.


An electronic medical record system is both a blessing, and a challenge.

As with any other tool, you only become an expert with it by practicing.  An EMR is similar in the way that it can make your life easier, help your practice to run smoothly, have your billing captured and managed more easily, and help you to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your clinic.  However, it takes time, and training, to first obtain the basic skills to use the EMR, and eventually become a super-user.    We can help!