Clinic Bookkeeping & Payroll

We know how busy it is when you run a clinical practice.   The tasks of bookkeeping and payroll are often the last things on the long to-do list.   You fly through your busy day thinking of a dozen things you would like to consider, research, or implement in your clinic to make it run more smoothly – but you run out of time.  MD Practice Solutions can help, we do this!

MD Practice Solutions provides bookkeeping services to clinics.  This is a reasonably priced service where we evaluate the size of your clinic, monthly workload, and what level of service you require from us.  We can do things as simple as managing your books, to adding services to help you run your clinic more efficiently, organize and pay your payroll, assess and organize opportunities to add income streams to your clinic, ensure your third-party billings are maximized, and help evaluate clinical cash flow to ensure a profitable business.

Our payroll service takes care of all aspects of payroll, including arranging the payment of source deductions, and providing regular reports.

Let MD Practice Solutions take care of your bookkeeping and payroll so you can focus on your patients and your practice.